Thursday, August 30, 2007

Augusztus 30.

recording a slow motion
by the light of a stroboscope
and speading it up

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Augusztus 29.

Zoltán Kodály’s writing, entitled ”Retrospective”
or something like this
(he has lots of writings in this topic),
written in the 1940’s – EDUCATION CRITIQUE on music
- replace music with fine art
- every sentence of it is true of our present education
- having it published

Augusztus 28.

”Breaking in” galleries and making a bloody good exhibition

Monday, August 27, 2007

Augusztus 27.

motor glory
- cap
- a tiny bulb at the end of a tiny fishline
- a tiny engine spins it round quickly

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Augusztus 26.

”Dot, dot, comma, dash
smiley face in a flash
tiny neck, tummy heavy
Turkish pasha gets ready” *

the ditty does not specify
that a living man must be drawn
- body cut into pieces
- massacre, genocide

(* rough translation of the Hungarian version
of a well-known children’s rhyme)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Augusztus 25.

product developed with Dabi for the homeless in Valencia
- combines the excellent insulating,
waterproof and humorous qualities of nylon and carton

Augusztus 24.

bird table rocket

Augusztus 23.

pulling down the inside of a prefab house in Budapest
- no storeys (maybe inner buttresses)
…dunno how it can be done
- each window is replaced with a rose window
- balcony remains
- everything remains unchanged from the outside

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Augusztus 22.

the point is that the chocolate is warmed up in a spoon
with a lighter and injected in
the meat/blood being prepared (done)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Augusztus 21.

on the Hungarian euro
the image of the famous person shouldn’t be an existing,
real person, but a 3-month-old embryo
who is promising with regard to our future

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Augusztus 20.

mowing round Hungary with a lawn mower
along the border on a stripe
pushing it along the way?
or with a small tractor? (STRAIGHT STORY)
(documenting it- it would be a nice work)

Augusztus 19.

an elegant man is waiting smwhere (stop, subway?...)
at certain intervals a spittle splashes onto his suit
(till he gets ”soaked”)
those who spit are not visible,
only the flying of the white, tiny, foamy spittles

Augusztus 18.

for example two pullovers
one of them is with the hooked (prickly) surface,
the other is with the soft surface
(or the two legs of a pair of trousers)

Friday, August 17, 2007

Augusztus 17.

- it can also be a painting
this could work individually too
two reproductions of a famous painting
the original is in the middle covering one of the reproductions a bit,
and is being covered a bit by the other one
(as if they were the preceiding and following frames of a movie)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Augusztus 16.

the point is that frames in a certain topic are scattered
- tatoo-animation: each person has on frame on her/his body
- graffity or stencil: 1-1 frame is on each house,carriage etc.
- series of stamps: the phases are carved in trees
- in books: scribbles
- it’s also interesting that the picture is continuous if
we put the frames one after the other,
but the background flashes

Augusztus 15.

pushing away shopping trolleys
protest- 100-1000 people
bring along one-euro coins
and push the trolleys to a nearby
plough-land, or somewhere else,
connect them and then abandon them

Augusztus 14.

the priest distributes crisps
or going to church and smuggling crisps in
and putting them among the wafers

Augusztus 13.

animation- God’s cock
- a bloke shags an ass
- he gets sprinkled with semen all over him
- then we can see that the chap wasn’t shagging an ass
but a huge cock

Augusztus 12.

making coat from the fur of Dalmatian puppies
as all horrible ”utopias”, phantasms come about
- what’s more, the instigator is a cute Disney movie
- the Happy End of Hollywood stops here

Augusztus 11.

- begging hand in hand
a boy and a girl beg;
the boy’s palm is placed on the girl’s;
the money is to put into the
boy’s (or the other way around)
- begging in Cuenca
with a device on the head,
which is used for letting down rubble
on construction sites

Augusztus 10.

How to explain to the dead Beuys what art is
(or a similar title)
- finding Beuys’s grave- silver head + frisking bunnies

Augusztus 9.

There is a pocket knife in the shop window
in Szondi street whose huge blades move
- producing a FAIR-SIZED pocket for it
- and putting the knife into it- exhibiting it

Augusztus 8.

(grub- salt stick, dipped in chocolate at both ends, looking like an earscoop)

Augusztus 7.

selling everything you have got, nothing remains
printing such money (such drawings) spending all of your fortune

Augusztus 6.

Inventing a note-sized, money-like stuff
in joint production with the Hungarian state
like the money being in circulation
- having a set ”intangible value”
(the State buys it)– and is launched as a duplicated drawing
that has an exchange value
- this way we would create a currency having no collateral
(1 billion?) too much?

Augusztus 5.

confessing lies
(- grave, agonizing, embarassing list of sins)
and finally confessing that: I’ve lied?

Friday, August 3, 2007

Augusztus 4.

twins distribute leaflets
- on the same pavement,
around 50 metres apart
- with opposite message

Augusztus 3.

organizing protests against protests
- wealthy women against Anti-Fur Animal Activists
- butchers against vegetarians

Augusztus 2.

tearing out the pages of a novel one after the other
and distributing them in an underpass as fliers
Bodó’s tip: Malcolm Lowry: Under the Volcano
Bible- by a church?
Koran? smwhere

Augusztus 1.

origami rubbish
- complicated folding guide
it enables us to fold perfectly uniform pellets


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Július 31.

there is nothing on the screen itself,
but the mouse can be scrolled further out
than the edge of the screen
and what the mouse finds appears on the screen.

Július 30.


Július 29.

video- a man keeps slapping an other man in the face
- the video is made up of the moments when the palm touches the face
- looks like caressing
(the face turns red more and more, odd mimicry)

Július 28.

making lots of crosses or similar
erecting them in bend shape