Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Július 27.

6:3 cemetery
(the Népstadion will be closed anyway)
11 graves of the members of The Golden Team are on the pitch
- as the kickoff team once used to look like (Grosics, Puskás, Hidegkuti…)
talking to the living members
(they would surely like to rest in the ground of a football pitch)

(Népstadion: the biggest stadium in Hungary
The Golden Team: the best Hungarian national team ever)

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Július 26.

she/he cuts off one of her/his fingers each year
and then has it sewn back quickly
in 10 years she/he will be using her/his hands
that each finger has once been cut off

Július 25.

clenching your fist and glueing it together with an instant glue
- or spread instant glue all over the body
(or a different living being)

Július 24.

Tükörképeslap/”Mirror image postcard”
- how great it would be to send one of these from a holiday
- the addressee could look herself/himself into it
(truly grips the beauty of the instant)

Július 23.

primitive man porn
strange porn movie
somewhere between animal sex and ordinary porn
(hairy prehistoric men, anthropoids shag)

Július 22.

NÁKNÉK csoport/COULD group
inoperative but existing group
(with Ferenc Sebő and Csaba OneDoor)
lots of plans and ideas that we COULD do,
but they of course come to nothing

Július 21.

two cameras on the head
open LCD eye

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Július 20.

Exhibiting in schools
(primary, grammar, vocational schools)
- utilizing all of the characteristics of schools
- blackboards
- TV’s
pictures (writers, composers, communist leaders earlier)
- notice boards
- school radio
- entrance hall exhibitions
(touring in schools in Hungary)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Július 19.

Blacking out all of the windows of a school
- Let there be no lights!

Július 18.

Making a feature film
entitled ”The Hungarian explanatory dictionary”
The screenplay would be based on the HED.
The consequtive words would serve
as a guideline and stimulate the story
(objects, characters, plot)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Július 17.

Writing graffiti with velvet spray

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Július 16.

The great graffitist
gets up in the morning,
has a shower,
puts on his loose trousers,
sprays his armpit
and his hairy body with black paint,
puts on a funny T-shirt
and starts off to town

Július 15.

Misfortune JSC
The one who hits the jackpot is executed
her/his possessions are distributed anong the other players
(or she/he isn’t executed, she/he is only made penniless)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Július 14.

statue, impossible to unveil
huge ceremony- it’s being unveiled,
but there is only that veil shape under the veil

Július 13.

turf in the toilet bowl
you can water it every day
by flushing the toilet

Július 12.

a bloke shits into a hall at a golf course

Július 11.

two exhibition halls like…
like in a letter box-
paintings are thrown through a slit from above

Július 10.

plen-air conceptualism

Július 9.

- in a small area -
but zigzagged, labyrinth-like
(let’s say in Budapest
- or in a small town in the country?!)
very long pilgrimage lasting month

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Július 8.

Magyar Hírlap special issue
The 100 poorest men in Hungary

Friday, July 6, 2007

Július 7.

Hacking a label on a movie from a short distance
with a small projector in a cinema

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Július 6.

Stuffing ourselves with eatable silver foil
- and puking

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Július 5.


Július 4.

flags- all of them move except for the espagña
( in memory of our glorious stay in Spain with Dabi)

Monday, July 2, 2007

Július 3.

" A grant by which you can get away forever " Juditka

Július 2.

as much money as they can give
- loosing it
- there is a drawing on each of them (maybe a text too)
/lost money
found money/ or something else
the drawings are frames of a cartoon
- taking picture of them (as I loose them) so they can make up a film
- on the ground
- and while they are falling down
with thousand-forint notes-1 min-720 thousand
with two hudred-forint notes-1 min-124 thousand

Július 1.

Paintbrush whose bristles continuously grow like hair.
- even after its death


Június 30.

House built around a frame.
-disposable frame

Június 29.

sender: Bencike
I’m gonna get rich!
I produce such pick axe and other building tools
that are very comfortable to lean on!
I hope they haven’t been invented yet!

Június 28.

potato-sized rice
and rice-sized potato

Június 27.

one-step escalator

Június 26.

Tree of Ignorance

Június 25.

the task of lot of selected people is to crowd around a work
this is the work itself

Június 24.

Június 23.

crucifying a panda
-or maybe a koala-
he is to take upon the sins of the panda species

Június 22.

basic shape caricatures (Gergő Orbán)
circle parody No.23

Június 21.

a man puts out a wafer
(in order to receive the sacrament)
-you put it back

Június 20.

"for the third day – without fussing
I have painted next to nothing."
for J

Június 19.

backpack collecting box
it’s possible to give alms
without having to look the "beggar" in the eye.
-going to exhibitions with it

Június 18.

family house
confessional for guests (hospitable confessional)

Június 17.

The display of a digital watch shows the price of the work.
keeps changing

Június 16.

-> that booth on the streets for instant ID photos
-> but the picture is taken by a camera obscura
-> for this one needs to sit immobile for 5-10 or more minutes
-> having an ID photo made becomes a sort of meditation

Június 15.

cemetery for ideas
make a cemetery.
-> grave markers, wooden crosses, headstones
-> ideas under the names instead of epitaphs
-> shrine, place of pilgrimage
-> can be expanded
-> benches beside the “graves”

Június 14.

Police cordon on one side
Hooligans on the other
In the middle a group of Star Wars imitators
turn up from a side street.
(those white soldiers)

Június 13.

Stuffed Hungarian flag
Pillowcase: red, white, green
stuffed, on flagpole

Június 12.

Kidnapping a girl.
You let her go only if she stays with you forever.

Június 11.

aid parcels
Loads of cardboard boxes
arrive to the West from Hungary
-> little objectideas bound into books
drawings, a framed painting
-> the same set in each box…
-> distribute among the needy

Június 10.

pedo pride
organize a 1 or more day festival
various tents
gloomy music

Június 9.

archimedes statue parkpoliticians,
celebrities, architect guys
(connected to the parcels) (or anyone)
pedestals with the heap of soil displaced by
the body of the corresponding chosen person
“… Every body immersed in earth
Loses from its weight
As much as the earth
Displaced by it weighs…”
(Archimedes’ principle)